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Final student activity

Welcome to the final LearnStorm growth mindset activity!

Neurons high fiving
We've discovered so much in previous activities about our brains and how we learn. We want you to remember what you learned and help your classmates remember it too.
A plan can help you continue growing your brain and learning!
  • What are some things I can say to myself?
  • What are some actions I can do?
  • What are some things I can do to help others in my classroom?
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Take a moment to reflect.

What are the top three things that you learned in the previous growth mindset activities and why are they important to you?
The top three things I learned are __.

Write a letter.

We've learned so much in these past few activities. Write a letter to a future LearnStormer. Tell them what LearnStorm has meant to you.
Share something encouraging, describe a struggle you faced, write about a challenge you overcame, or reveal something new you learned. Get creative!
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You have completed the growth mindset activities!

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