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Mistakes can be good if we learn from them!

Learning from mistakes

Did you flinch when you read the word? Maybe just a little bit? Mistakes are a natural part of the learning process, and how we react to them can be either harmful or helpful.
When Thinky Pinky thinks in a growth mindset, he remembers that mistakes are a normal part of the learning process. When he makes mistakes, he often gets excited because the mistake is a hint about what he needs to learn to get smarter.
Picture your brain as a puzzle. Mistakes are the gaps where puzzle pieces are missing.
Thinky Pinky missing puzzle piece
By reflecting on and investigating your mistakes, you can complete your puzzle and continue learning.
Thinky Pinky with all puzzle pieces
Don’t give up on completing the puzzle. If we don’t pay attention to our mistakes, we’re much more likely to repeat them, which slows down the learning process and progress toward our goals.
Also, sometimes the concepts we are learning in school are just plain difficult and we need to try and fail a few times before we finally get it right.
Let’s hear what some students have to say about mistakes.
Khan Academy video wrapper
LearnStorm Growth Mindset: Ceiba Prep Students on mistakesSee video transcript

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