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Connect: Keep going. Keep growing.

Activity 4: Keep going. Keep growing.

Welcome back!

At the end of this lesson you will be able to:
  • Understand why working through frustration will help you grow
  • Stay on the right track using the learning strategies that are right for you

The importance of not giving up

On our learning journeys, we will struggle. It’s something we all go through. Struggling can be a good thing if managed correctly, but sometimes frustration creeps in and derails us if we don’t address it in a healthy way.
Frustrated brain
When we are faced with frustration, growth mindset thinking really makes a difference. There is power in believing that we have the ability to develop skills and grow our brains through hard work and the learning strategies that are best suited for us. This attitude better equips us to stick with challenges through the frustration. Your ability to stick with it can be practiced and can grow. Overcoming frustration will become easier and easier.
Just like most things in life, we can adapt to frustration and become accustomed to it.
An example is when you started walking. Like all babies learning to walk, you probably fell a lot, tripped over your own feet, and grabbed things to brace yourself. It takes most babies five to seven months to learn to walk—it's quite the frustrating process, but most of us don’t remember.
To learn how to run, dance, and swim is a quicker process that takes only two to five months. These skills are learned after our baby bodies have grown accustomed to moving and we've built up our repertoire of walking skills.
We’ve all come a long way since birth, and we've all conquered some magnitude of frustration to get to where we are now.
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