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Reflect: My kind of cool

Let's reflect

Write a letter to an incoming ninth grader.
Remind them that it’s normal not to feel like you belong in your new school, grade, or classes right away. Assure them that this feeling is temporary and does get better with time.
Sad brain and friend
Let them know what kind of support systems are offered at your school that can get them through the transition. Which teachers could they lean on? Which resources, like Khan Academy, can help them if they're struggling with new concepts or topics?
Reading brain
Which clubs could they join to make new friends? What are some school traditions or study tips that you would like to pass on to the incoming ninth graders?
Brain and teacher brain
Let’s also think about the transition from high school to college. Are there support systems that you would like to implement in your life but haven’t had the chance to that might be helpful? What are some things that you are wary about in your upcoming transition and what are some resources that might be helpful in the future?
Happy brain
Congratulations, you have completed all 3 parts of Activity 6: Connect, Learn, Reflect! These activities are part of the LearnStorm 2019 program.

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