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Reflect: Serendipity

In the previous part of this activity, we listened to many people talk about their career journeys. Let's take it a step deeper and think about how we can apply their learnings to our lives.
Thinking brain

Let's reflect

Life is a journey, sometimes with uncertainty or things that don’t go your way.
What are some strategies you can adopt to help you navigate uncertainty?
Sam, the salon owner, had an open heart and was open to new ideas.
What are some strategies you can adopt to help you overcome frustration when things don’t go your way?
Olivia, the film director, viewed everything as a learning opportunity and focused on listening and being humble.
Kelly, the audio engineer, reached out to her friends and network when she couldn't find a job. She also looked at ways she could acquire more skills by going back to school.
Paul, the teacher leader, believed in his overarching goal that he wanted to make a social impact for people who were like him. He believed that he could make a difference.
What are some opportunities you can grasp now or in college to make an initial step toward your career?
Michael, the dancer, did a self-reflection and realized that he didn’t have enough formal ballet training. He took a step back in order to take more steps forward later on.
Congratulations, you have completed all 3 parts of Activity 7: Connect, Learn, Reflect! These activities are part of the LearnStorm 2019 program.

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