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Activity: Build my growth mindset!

Take a moment to reflect.

In this reflection, we'll create our own growth mindset pep talk that we can use to conquer our fixed mindset voice when we hear it.
Step one: Give your fixed mindset voice a nickname.
Why? A nickname can help you recognize your own fixed mindset thoughts. Write down the nickname and save it.
Step two: Identify when your fixed mindset voice shows up.
Here are some situations when Thinky Pinky’s fixed mindset shows up:
  • Doing long division—So many steps! It's so confusing!
  • Playing soccer—Running is quite challenging for Thinky Pinky!
What are some situations when your fixed mindset voice shows up?
Step three: Plan out what you'll say to your fixed mindset.
Thinky Pinky light bulb
Here's what Thinky Pinky says when his fixed mindset shows up:
  • “My brain can change! It just needs time and practice.”
  • “YOU can do this! Maybe you just need to try a different strategy.”
  • “This is hard! My brain will form a lot of new connections as I learn it.”
When you start hearing your fixed mindset voice, what are three things you could say to yourself in response?
When I hear my fixed mindset voice, I will tell myself ___.
When I hear my fixed mindset voice, I will ___.
Remember, everyone struggles in different situations! Struggle is just part of the learning and growing process.

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