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Activity: Create your plan to deal with frustration

Take a moment to reflect.

Think about something that often frustrates you.
"I get frustrated by __. "
Why is frustration important in our learning journey?
Frustration is important because __.

Write a plan.

Next time you do an activity that frustrates you, use the strategies you learned to make a plan for overcoming your frustration.
Complete the four steps below to create your plan. Use the examples provided by Thinky Pinky as ideas for your plan!
Thinky Pinky saying hi

Let's get started.

Step 1: Remember frustration is okay!

Thinky Pinky really hates reading, especially long passages, because it’s so hard to concentrate and keep track of what line he is on!
Thinky Pinky may be frustrated, but realizing that this situation is okay helps a lot!
What will you say to yourself to remember getting frustrated is ok and part of learning?
Thinky Pinky sad

Step 2: Remind yourself frustration can be good.

Thinky Pinky knows that feeling frustration and then overcoming it is helping his brain grow! Getting to the point of frustration means you are pushing yourself to learn, which is good!
Write a sentence you can use to remind yourself that frustration can be a good sign.
Thinky Pinky lifting weights

Step 3: Take a break.

Thinky Pinky likes to play his guitar to clear his mind. He takes five minutes and plays a quick happy tune.
When you get frustrated and need to take a break, what will you do for 10 to 15 minutes?
Thinky Pinky playing guitar

Step 4: Get help.

Thinky Pinky talked to his friend, and his friend suggested that he use a ruler, bookmark, or highlighter to track which line he is reading. Thinky Pinky is happy that his friends are great sources of advice and that they are cheering him on!
Who will you ask for help when you get stuck?
Thinky Pinky and teacher brain
Now you have your own plan, just like Thinky Pinky. When you get frustrated, look at your plan and follow the steps so you can keep going and keep growing.

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