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Connect: My kind of cool

Welcome back!

In the previous activities, we learned how overcoming struggle and maintaining a growth mindset can help our brains grow.
At the end of this lesson you will understand two concepts:
  • Many students feel isolated—like an outsider—during times of transition, but strategies like relationship building and environmental adaptation can help
  • Certain strategies can help us develop deeper connections with our peers and our learning, allowing us to get comfortable more quickly

Take a moment to connect this concept to your own life.

Think of some big transitions in your life: starting middle school, starting high school, learning a new subject, moving, changing sports teams, starting a new after school activity, starting a new grade, or some other change unique to your life.
  • How did you feel during this transition? What were some concerns that you had?
  • Is there anything you know now that you didn’t know prior to that transition?

Do I belong here?

Sometimes it's really hard to feel comfortable or to study effectively when you feel like you are the only one who is going through difficult times.
But you're not the only one—it’s actually very common to experience difficulties during transitions. Even people who everyone labels as successful sometimes feel alone or inadequate.
It takes time and patience for most people to form close relationships and to start to feel at home in a new environment.
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