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Reflect: Supercharge your goals.

Setting ourselves up for success

Achieving our goals is not easy, and it can be frustrating at times. But, before we start on our journey of learning and growing our brains, we can set ourselves up for success.
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Below are a few steps that can help prime us to commit to our goals.

Visualize victory.

Write your best outcome down. Let your mind imagine this outcome. For example, your outcome might be "I will feel powerful and proud of myself."

Name the obstacles.

What might make it hard to achieve your goal? List the challenges you might face. For example, a challenge might be "I get frustrated when I make mistakes and want to give up."

Make a plan.

What can you do to overcome the challenges? Name at least one action you can take, or write a pep talk you can give yourself when you face challenges. For example, one plan could be "I will ask for help when I make mistakes and feel frustrated."

Name your goal.

Give your goal a short, simple name. This will help you remember it. For example, your goal could be named "3 by 30".

Let's reflect

  • How does setting a goal help support growth?
  • What is an example of a measurable goal? A non-measurable goal?
Think back to the goal you wrote earlier. What are you going to do to increase your chance of success? Follow the steps:
  • Visualize victory. Draw a picture of success, or write something you will say when you reach your goal.
  • Name the obstacles. Examples include distractions such as video games, your cell phone, and social media.
  • Make a plan to conquer the obstacles. Examples include limiting—or eliminating!—time spent on the distractions you identified.
  • Name your goal. Write a name for your goal. Be creative! Examples include "best goal ever" and "boss goal".
Congratulations, you have completed all 3 parts of Activity 5: Connect, Learn, Reflect. These activities are part of the LearnStorm 2019 program.

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