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The Gates Notes: Students in Los Altos

Students in Los Altos School District share their experiences with Khan Academy.

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Video transcript

Boy in blue: Our teacher would have the textbook up on the overhead projector so we could all see it. Boy in gray: We kind of just sat there and we did like different sections. Girl in green: i'm a daydreamer so I kind of zone out sometimes. Boy in blue: Read the lesson and then we would get homework. Girl in green: There's always at the end of each section. Boy in blue: Yeah, that's how it was before. Girl in green: I used to get like B's all the time but since Khan Academy it's brought me up to an A so that was really cool. Girl in pink: In a way I use Khan Academy is I do the exercises and it really helps me improve my Math skills, and I watch the videos if I'm having trouble with some of the exercises, and then I'm able to get a streak of 10. Boy with eyeglass: She can see what you're doing and so if you're messing around she'll tell you to just do these set of problems. If you're really struggling with it she'll help you out with it, if you just don't get what the video is trying to ask you. Girl in pink: I like how it's different than the Math book when everyone's doing pretty much the same level of things, and if you're like higher then it's boring for them. If they're like lower they're not exactly understanding it. Girl in pink: I used to be afraid to like tell her what I'm struggling on and now that she can see how we're doing on the Khan Academy it helps me feel more comfortable talking to her about what I'm having trouble with. Boy in blue: You get to move at your own pace with it because there are all sorts of challenging exercises and there are easy exercises. Girl in pink: It's really fun because you can try to get badges and you can challenge yourself and do different kinds of Math. Boy in black: There's meteor badge, moon badge, earth badge, sun badge, and black hole badge. Girl in green: I didn't really remember exponents even though I did it once. I didn't remember it very much and then I watched the video and now I know exponents, really easy. Boy in blue: The guy who makes them, Sal, he teaches the subject really well. Girl in pink: It's like he's probably like writing on the computer because it shows this little mouse and he talks into the microphone. He explains all the subjects in a way, it just makes it really easy to learn. Boy in black: Well my parents think it's really cool, they think it's a great idea that we're doing this site. The good thing is we don't have to be at school to learn Math. We can just be at home on our computers basically doing it. Girl in pink: Like if it's a rainy day you can just do it and then you can energy points and get badges. Boy in blue: I really like it when I finish one of the really hard ones. Boy with eyeglass: It's a tool for life. Everybody needs to know how to do certain things in Math, not just if you're going to be like an astronomist you have to know everything. Boy in gray: One night I was just working on this lesson and I just couldn't finish it. My Dad said you can't play with your friends until you finish that lesson. Then i finally finished it because I watched the video and I really learned it.