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History break: How did John build jQuery?

Back in 2006, John Resig was a web developer working on his own projects. He was frustrated with how hard it was to write cross-browser JavaScript, and decided to write his own JS library to fix the problem for him: jQuery.
On January 16th, 2006, John Resig gave a talk about his new library at a local BarCamp, to a small crowd of local web developers, and blogged about it after:
Screenshot of blog post where John first announces jQuery
This is what the jQuery webpage looked like back then:
Screenshot of the jQuery Webpage in 2006
Many web developers loved the simplicity and power of jQuery, and John's library soon grew in popularity.
Today, it's the most popular JS library on the web, and is maintained by the jQuery Foundation, a large team of volunteers.
Want to learn more about why John invented jQuery and how he turned it into a successful library with hundreds of contributors and thousands of developers? Watch this video where UMich School of Information professor Charles Severance interviews John Resig in the Khan Academy office:
Khan Academy video wrapper
John Resig: Building jQuerySee video transcript

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