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Get ready to learn jQuery

If you're here, then you're probably geared up to learn jQuery and want to dive in right now. But we want to make sure that you've got all the knowledge and skills that you need to be successful with jQuery, so that you keep going all the way through the course.
Here's what you should be familiar with:
  • HTML/CSS: You should know how to use tags like <h1>, <p>, <img>, <a>, <div>, and know how to make CSS rules that select by id and class name, plus rules that use descendant selectors. You can take this quiz to see how well you remember all that, and review any HTML/CSS that you forgot.
  • JavaScript: You should be able to store data in variables, group code into functions, iterate over array with loops, and call methods on objects. You can take this quiz to see how well you remember all that and review any JS that you forgot.
  • JS DOM API: Browsers expose the JS DOM API to give web developers a way to manipulate webpages in JS, and jQuery functions call the DOM functions behind the scenes (like document.getElementById). Some web developers choose to learn jQuery without ever learning the DOM API, but we strongly encourage you to learn the DOM API first - and we will refer to it throughout this course. You will likely have to use both in your time as a web developer, and it's valuable to understand how you can use JS in a browser without any library at all. You can learn the DOM API in our HTML/JS course and read the summary articles for a review.
  • Using JS libraries: You should know how to insert a <script> tag in your webpage to include a JS library. If you haven't done that before, you can go through this short tutorial.
That sounds like a lot, I know -- and it is! But if you learn and review it all now, before diving into jQuery, you'll be happier down the road. Once you feel good and ready, keep going...

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