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Welcome to "Meet the professional"!

Pamela welcomes you to our new series about computing professionals. Created by Pamela Fox.

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Video transcript

Voiceover: You know what's cool about computer science and computer programming? Well, you know, besides everything? There are tons of interesting job in fields that use computing knowledge, and those numbers are growing everyday. In this series, we interviewed a bunch of people that work with their computer knowledge for a living to find out what they do, how they learnt, and what their advice is for people new to the field. You can read about Sarah Northway, who's who an Indie game developer and world traveler. Yann Dauphin, who researches machine learning and plays bass guitar. Brenda Jin, who creates table prototypes for Macy's and bikes all around the hills of San Francisco. Tom Heinan, who creates medical mobile apps, and is learning to be a pilot on the weekends. Marcos Ojeda, a Khan Academy designer, developer, and dog owner, and a bunch more. So, go ahead a meet some professionals, and if you're not a computing professional yet, think about it. It could be a whole lot of fun.