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Primality test challenge

How can a machine tell us if a number is prime? Created by Brit Cruise.

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Video transcript

Voiceover: We begin with a very simple question. Or not a question, a challenge. We need to build a machine which takes an input and that input is some integer X, and all that machine needs to do is output true or false. That is the first step. Now we will use the computer science tool to actually build this machine together. One of the questions that we will be asking is two things, two aspects to this machine. How much time that a clock, how much time does it take to give the solution and how much space does it need? When I say space, I mean, for in the case of this mechanical calculator physical space, how many rooms do we need to hold our machine? Or if we're using a computer, how much memory does it need? We will be returning to this two ideas as we go.