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Go beyond the hour

Congratulations on completing our hour of webpages! You’ve now learned the basics of HTML and CSS, the languages which power every webpage on the internet.
There’s much more to learn about HTML and CSS - like more tags for links and tables, and many more ways in CSS to select which part of your page you want to style, and properties to apply - like to change the text style, move elements around, and add borders and spacing:
You can learn all of that on Khan Academy, with our HTML and CSS course. You can skip the first part that you already did here and go straight to learning more CSS. If you want to keep experimenting with the basics, you can also create a new webpage and learn how to develop webpages outside KA.
Or, if you just have another hour free, you can try our Hour of Drawing with Code or Hour of Databases.
Whichever you pick, keep practicing. Most programmers code every day, and that’s how we keep our skills sharp. And hey, it’s fun!

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