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Quick tip: HTML tags

Before you dive into the challenge, here's a quick review of HTML tags:
The closing tag always comes after the content of the tag - it's how the browser knows that you want the tag to end.
The contents of an HTML tag are the stuff that goes between the opening and closing tags - this is what we mean when we say "inside" a tag. The contents of a tag can be normal text or a mix of other tags.

Where should your tags go?

Any content that is visible on your web page should go between the opening <body> tag and the closing </body> tag, like in the screenshot below:
The <h1> and <p> tags are the contents of the <body> tag, so we say they're "inside" the <body> tag. In fact, those tags must go inside the <body> tag, so remember that when you're writing your HTML in your first challenge. Try it out now!

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