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Hour of Code - WORLDWIDE

Hour of Code is a worldwide movement that encourages students to spend an hour learning to code. Every year in December, thousands of Hour of Code events are organized as part of Computer Science Education Week. Learn more at https://hourofcode.com/.

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Video transcript

Okay, now, you're gonna press run. This December, schools across the globe will participate in the largest education event in history. The Hour of Code! This is so cool! [Repeats Hour of Code in other languages] Your teacher says you guys are into it. We are. It's very awesome. Students around the world had an Hour of Code today. It's part of a global movement to show kids what it takes to create the programs and apps they spend so much time using. The largest education events in history. Organizers have set what they called an ambitious goal of reaching 10 million students this week Almost 15 million signed up. Obama: "This week, I'm proud to join the students, teachers, businesses, and non-profit organizations taking new steps to support computer science in America's schools." You guys are already getting a head start on taking over the world. I got it! They've been so excited about it. Oh my gosh, it's working. I did it! They don't even have to be a computer science engineer. Maybe they want to do something else, but in our world this is gonna be the basis for everything that we do. Obama: "Move. Semicolon." Look what I did! It's so beautiful! When you're building a program, you have to think outside of the box. If you can change technology, you can change the world. I challenge girls in every single country to learn one Hour of Code. Yes! Every district should do it. Every district can do it. Please help us get the Hour of Code to every school, and every classroom, and every child. And my school is doing it! Calling all teachers worldwide. Help us reach every school this December.