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Getting to know Rob Jensen

Meet Rob Jensen, an animator at Pixar. Rob grew up around computers because his dad worked for IBM. He loved drawing and painting, and one day his brother showed him how to make pictures on a computer. That's when he got interested in computer animation!

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Video transcript

I was looking right in the lens does it matter okay? How did I get to Pixar? Well, I always grew up drawing and painting my dad worked for Ibm. [so] there were computers around and I remember one [day] my brother was like hey check this out. You can kind of make pictures on the computer [I] was like whoa [that] [looks] like fun when I was a little kid my dad actually took me to ibm research where John lasseter was giving a talk about computer animation and It blew my mind And he was showing Luxo Jr.. For the first time or at least the first time to us and how he made it squish before it jumped and Follow through after it landed Yeah, I went to school studying computer science and with a certificate in visual arts although where I went the visual arts program was very Fine Arts oriented not graphic arts. So nobody taught me animation But there was a room full of computers that were sitting around doing nothing So I commandeered those and turned them into the render farm for my short film So yeah, I mean at school. I spent a lot of time learning about the math and the computer technology [behind] computer animation But it's really on the job that I learned to become an animator