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Bonus: Animate a rigged character

Animate the model

Use the program below to animate the rigged lamp model.

How to animate

  • Each deformer has a control at the bottom of the screen.
  • The blue line shows the value of a deformer in each frame.
  • Move the orange and pink control points to change the value of deformers.
  • Click on the blue line to add new control points.
  • Drag the orange point on top of the deformer control to change the current frame.
For more information see our animation tutorial.

How to save your animation

  • Press the save button; this will bring up a black box containing the code for your animation.
  • Copy all the text in the box and paste it here to create a new program.
  • Save that program.
  • If you see an X and several A's at the end of the code, delete them.

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