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Getting to know Brian Green

Meet Brian Green, a rigging technical director at Pixar, who has rigged characters like Sulley from Monsters Inc. His first spark came from cartoons, which led to a love for drawing and art, and from building a computer at age 12, which introduced him to programming and creating characters. He combined his interest in math and art to pursue a career in computer graphics at Pixar!

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Video transcript

yeah, so, early, early on - I grew up my dad didn't believe in having a TV in the house because he didn't want me to waste my time watching Saturday-morning cartoons But I love cartoons! The penmanship and craftsmanship was incredible So that was the inspiration and it also became entertainment for me So I just love to just, you know spend my time drawing. > Do you have any examples that we can- Do you have any pictures or anything of that early artwork? > I could! Yeah, I have artwork at home that I can dig up and that's you know, I'll be embarrassed to show. But I'll show it regardless, 'cause you're all my friends out there. No, art is one of those things you all start from a place of being- feeling sensitive about it, but you just keep doing it, and you enjoy it and you get better at it One of those things that fulfills itself. Oh! I- I built my own computer when I was about 12 or 13. Australia was going to dominate the computer industry with a computer called the Microbee, so I went ahead and made this Microbee, and then Because I could program, I could actually create characters from it So one of the big gaming systems back then was called Aliens, so one of the first programs I created was these aliens going across the screen and you could shoot 'em, and we used a thing called