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Glossary: Character

A list of words introduced in this lesson.
Here's a list of definitions introduced during this lesson.
  • External feature: the clothes, design or look of a character.
  • Internal feature: the personality, beliefs or drive of a character.
  • Want: something that drives a character to act.
  • Need: something that a character must do or learn in order to succeed or grow.
  • Obstacle: something that stands in the way of a character obtaining what they want.
  • Character arc: the choices a character makes in order to overcome their obstacles and how they change as a result.
  • Stakes: What is at risk if the character fails to achieve their goal (OR, what are the consequences of their choices?)
    • External: what will physically happen to a character or the world
    • Internal: what will happen to a character emotionally
    • Philosophical: what will happen to the values or belief system of the world

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  • blobby green style avatar for user Letícia Anjos
    I am loving it. the last video was very inspiring
    (65 votes)
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  • old spice man green style avatar for user Christian Coxon
    Do we start learning to draw characters on computer
    (15 votes)
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  • hopper jumping style avatar for user #dibs colick
    After the story of secret valley Billons year later. Every think has change and there is no magic not a single spell of magic just there is science because in this time there is science every. No one just tell the name magic every were science but there is magic in the old story of the science because the science have proven the all people that the magic is just imagine of your mind. So that the no one believe on magic. Every one change after billons year later. In every day there is some think new in this days. There are many children playing there is a one 12 year old girl running to the sea-sow were a one more stand with laptop in his hand the name of the girl standing there was Lilly. The Lilly hairs was brown and a pony tail she was wearing light blue jacket and white skirt with blue show and golden neckless
    And the girl which was running name is jasmine. Jasmine was wearing just same like Lilly but the all student wearing same dress it was there school uniforms. Jasmine was in such in hurry and telling so slowly that no one can hear that what she is telling
    “Magic there is magic”
    I find magic this story true Lilly, Lilly listen to me I have a great news Lilly respond oh jasmine is that you. Yes I am; Lilly; why are you such in hurry the Lilly tell to jasmine
    Jasmine: I was in liberty and Ms Sofa was doing experiment on various types of fungi and she make me the monitor of the liberty Ms Sofa she said the she want a book on fungi
    The Lilly don’t listen any think what jasmine is telling because she is listing music. The jasmine got angry and take out earphone from her ears and said in an angry voice that “I am telling you it is important then music” listen to me first
    Lilly alright I will listen to you ok “what are you telling” jasmine: I am telling that I was in library finding the book on fungi
    Then I saw a book on valley
    Lilly: then what is important in it
    Jasmine: my topic was not end “Lilly” if listen it careful then you will see that what I have found in the library a “magic”
    Lilly: a magic are you kidding there is no magic in the world “ha, ha, ha, ha”
    Jasmine: you make me more than angry I was
    Lilly: ‘oh no’ ok I will be silent jasmine oh which topic do you are the
    (13 votes)
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    • mr pants teal style avatar for user JulySTS4✨🔥
      Here my story Idol Legends

      The first part of it, no spoiling..." Burn why aren't you at the royal feast, your father Is waiting for you in the Fira room"! As I admire the sculpture that my father has made the cook finely comes to interrupt me! What a pity that I have to go see my 5 brothers and 5 sisters. I am the youngest spiraling to 13! I can't wait to turn thirteen and I only have 1 year left until I hit my mid Fiery. This allows me to marry someone at a very young age. And I finally get to consider taking a job in my clan. All my oldest siblings have jobs, why can't I! I sprint to the Fira room because I am really hungry. Father, Mother, left girls, rights boys, I take my place right between father and mother! Mother says " what took you so long"

      " I was looking at the sculpture that father made. It's the prettiest thing I have ever seen! Doesn't it represent an actual Fira".

      "Precisely" She pauses and then says" It doesn't just represent beauty and an Actual Fira Burn, it represents your oldest sister who was a Fira. A person who contains the power to control fire with their mind which can take the shape of any being". She doesn't look so happy about explaining this part! She turns to father and says something whispering. She made sure that she covered my ears. I look away bitterly, is there something they want to say that they can't trust me with. Just because I am 12 doesn't mean I can't keep a secret! She then uncovers my ears! Father yells " Quiet Down" in his booming voice! Anyone can mistake him as being mad at any time and place when he talks.

      " There is something I would like to explain to you now that at least your little sister Burn is 12. This may surprise you because I haven't told you before and we had only one daughter who has had it". My brother Simmer makes a face as though he is shocked! Blister my sister makes an Unbelievable face! All my other siblings just stare at me! I think, only one sister has had it and then it struck me! Am I a Fira and if so why wasn't I able to use my powers in the first place( Though I would probably use them on my second oldest brother Fury who keeps making a big deal about me and another boy that I don't even like). I suddenly burst out" Am I a Fira"!

      Father stutters, he looks worried" He slowly says " Yes"

      Simmer says " Impossible only Pyre was a Fira, and if so then why hasn't she used them ever to protect herself from a lot of things"!

      " Don't speak of Pyre, she is a disgrace to this clan and I would want nothing to do with her, I will respect burn and hope that she never follows the path Pyre took" Blister yells!

      Mother yells over everyone " Burn is a Fira whether you like it or not"!

      Father then gains his voice back and says" As I was saying Burn is a Fira, and agreeing with Blister hopefully she doesn't go the path that Pyre took, the law that I made clearly states Anyone who decides to ever produce or mate with an enemy clan shall be executed without further notice unless the council decides to put them in prison or not".

      I slowly reply " Pyre mated with someone else from another clan and tried to keep it a secret, and then you executed her father".

      "No" He booms "she escaped and it will never happen again"!

      He then says " let the feast the Royal family begin"
      (7 votes)
  • duskpin tree style avatar for user Maria Standley
    I want to draw characters for a book I am writing, do we get to learn how to create characters in stages and with different expressions?
    (14 votes)
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  • duskpin sapling style avatar for user abikesisi
    Character: Lacy Karmichael
    Age: 16
    Nickname: Lace
    Trait: She can read people's feelings and change them (which is sometimes good and sometimes bad)
    Appearance: She has long blonde hair packed up in a ponytail, a white yankees T-Shirt, red skirt, and blue eyes that are very bright. Her toenails are made of pure sand and her hair sparkles in the moon and turns white
    Events that happened: Lacy is 16 and every since she was a little girl she could read people's feelings and change them. But when she was eight her best friend Pamela asked her what her deepest was. And then Lacy told her and showed her the magic. Pamela called her a freak and screamed for her mom to take her home. Then Lacy's mom told her that she should never tell about her powers, because people could be envious and try and kill her to get them. But on Lacy's 16th birthday, she has a dream about her past. Eager to find out about her past, she ventures inside her dreams. But she figures out that she has to take her powers to the test to stop an evil dreamseeker from taker everyone's feelings away. But she finds that she has to embrace, and show who she really is.
    (13 votes)
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  • blobby blue style avatar for user safiyan2
    im in the year 2020 and i understand all about the obstacles do you
    (7 votes)
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  • aqualine ultimate style avatar for user Chase J.
    very character-y and inspiring for me to make a character
    (8 votes)
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  • aqualine sapling style avatar for user Bidhi Pant
    ya the last video was the best video
    (8 votes)
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  • piceratops ultimate style avatar for user Cheryl Yee
    I absolutely love these lessons and I want to try my hand in the animation industry one day!
    (7 votes)
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  • starky tree style avatar for user Kirishimafan
    every video that i see is always imspiring
    (6 votes)
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