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Activity 6: Color

Illustration of a scene from Pixar's film "Up" where an unhappy old man is shown on the darkened side of a bed while sunlight streams onto the other side of the bed.
Part A: In the above image, how is color used to help create emphasis and direct the viewer’s eye? What mood or emotion is conveyed? What kind of colors are used (similar, contrasting, complementary?)
Part B: Looking at the frame from one of your favorite films, notice how color influences the emotional impact of the scene.
  • With color pencils, pastels, crayons or markers on paper, create a version of this frame using different colors.
  • How does this change the meaning of the scene?
Part C: Return to your story spine from the previous lesson. For each beat, compose an image that directs the viewer’s eye, conveys meaning, expresses emotion, and supports your story point. This is where your understanding of visual language can start to shine through!

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  • primosaur seedling style avatar for user triverinic
    As we can see with the image, the part of the bed where Carl is on is a darker color,symbolizing that Carl is sad and unhappy. On the other side of the bead,the side we can assume that Elie slept in,that's the side where the rising sun is shining on. It can symbolize that Elie was a fun-loving women who wanted a lot in life. The dark side can represent sadness,which is the emotion Carl feels in this scene. The other side can represent happiness,the part of the bed Elie slept in. It can also symbolize that Carl cannot reach the light,which is happiness.
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  • starky tree style avatar for user -OffNote-
    I'm just gonna keep basing my stuff off of one of my stories that I'm trying to work on. It's a true story, but I think I'm going to change the characters' names and how they look, making them my OCs instead of the real people. It's longer because there's a lot to explain. If I don't include some things, it won't make sense ^^''

    Once upon a time, not really, there was a girl named Perplexity. She was a cupid, but tired of being alone. She could help everyone but herself with relationship issues.
    Every day, she would go to one of her classes, band in this case, and just go through it numbly. Alone. She soon started to long for something she didn't have- love.
    Until one day, a new boy came into her class. He was a percussionist like her, and when she didn't understand her part, he helped her learn how to play it. Perplexity became fond of him, always wanting to talk to him and hear his stories. She wrote him letters telling him about herself and he wrote back. His name was River.
    Because of this, she fell for him. Hard. She feared that he didn't like her because she was a nerd and liked things that other people made fun of so she hid her true self.
    Because of this, she changed. But in a good way, she still liked things, but she came to like new things too. She would catch River looking at her during lunch, which she loved. Perplexity became friends with his friends and got to talking with them. His best friend's girlfriend was one of her good friends now.
    Because of this, Perplexity learned something. River had a crush on her too. She was nervous to go to school every day, but she was so excited. She lost a bit of sleep, but nothing that would hurt her. One day, he handed her a letter. Shyly, he walked off with his friends laughing behind him. Perplexity got on the bus and read the letter. He had asked her out!
    Ever since then, Perplexity and River have been very happy together. They only have one class, band, together, but they enjoy it every day. Next year, Perplexity won't be in band, but she's going to try to be with River however she can. They love each other and their lives are so much better. Especially Perplexity, she finally got what she wanted, love.

    Alright, first, "once upon a time..." You'd see Perplexity among a group of people, in a crowd. She's in the middle and while everyone else is laughing and smiling, she's on her own and no one seems to have an interest in her. Her colors are muted while the other people's colors are vibrant and happy.

    "every day..." You'd see a shadow (silhouette) of Perplexity, the background is black and she is in white. Everyone else is in grey.

    "Until one day..." Perplexity is facing the new boy, River, and the colors are pastel pinks, blues, purples, and other colors of the like. She looks happy and alive for once.

    "Because of this..." You can see perplexity in brighter colors, shining brightly. There'd be River next to her or in a thought bubble, she is constantly thinking of him.

    "Because of this 2..." Perplexity looks slightly different, she is with friends now, talking. She looks happier than ever and is smiling and laughing.

    "Because of this 3..." Perplexity seems to be flying like there's no gravity. She's with River and is smiling at him, there are figurative hearts in the air ;)

    "Ever since then..." Perplexity is with friends and her image is colorful. She smiles more and is next to River. They look happy together and the colors are soft, loving, and happy-like.
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  • duskpin ultimate style avatar for user Saanvi
    the director is trying to emphasis that the character is alone/sad and is away from joy/happiness.
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Justin Camenisch
    The warmer colors on the right represent ellie, it highlights her absence from the bed, while the left is cool and conveys sadness
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  • boggle green style avatar for user rworkman26
    Carl is on the darker side showing his mood and sadness while Ellie's side of the bed is warm sunny and inviting. And with no one on the other side, it makes the whole picture a lot sadder
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  • blobby blue style avatar for user Tiger
    Half of the frame is coloured in bright yellow, representing joy and happiness, while the other side is dark and gloomy, giving off sad vibes
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  • blobby green style avatar for user pradeeba.p2009
    it show that carl is hiding from the light , feeling sad
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  • blobby green style avatar for user analyselebrun
    when we look at the picture we first see the sun light then empty and untoched part of karl's sorrow hiding from the light. with the coloring
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  • starky ultimate style avatar for user Colton Graves
    A. the shadow that covers him on his side of the bed and the sunlight on the other side represents how the person who was a light in his life is now gone and the shadow he faces represents walking into another day without her.
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  • marcimus pink style avatar for user Cassidy
    there is happiness, but carl is not in it
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