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Scene composition

Use the tool below to compose two scenes. Experiment with different camera settings to see what effects you can create.
You can switch between two scenes using the dropdown menu above the image and choose the camera setting with the sliders below the image.


Once you have experimented with the camera tool, try to answer the questions below.
Increasing the focal length has the effect of

Notice that in both scenes, the character in the foreground remains the same height. To achieve this, as we increase the focal length we have to move the camera
the scene.

As the focal length increases, the background appears to move
the camera.

If we keep the focus on the character in the foreground, as the focal length increases, the background appears

Discussion questions

How does using a long lens (such as a 200mm lens) affect the feeling of a scene?
When would you want to use a wide angle lens (such as a 28mm lens)?
If you wanted a viewer to focus on a particular element in a scene, what sort of lens and f-stop might you use?
When might you want more of the background to be in focus?

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