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Simple pinhole camera

Try changing the aperture in the pinhole camera simulation below and taking an image. After experimenting with it for a while, answer the questions below.

What is the effect of changing the aperture size?

Decreasing the size of the aperture makes the image
light reaches the image plane.

the size of the aperture makes the image less blurry.

Why is the image less blurry?
Choose 1 answer:

Why does the image appear upside down?

Let's start by considering a point on the object that is above the pinhole, such as the top of the tree.
Rays of light hitting this point on the object will be moving

The light from this point that passes through the pinhole will be moving

As this light passes through the pinhole, it will
towards the bottom of the image.

So light from the top of the object will end up at the bottom of the image and by the same logic, light from the bottom of the object will end up at the top of the image.

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