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Short-run production costs


The table below shows a firm’s marginal cost left parenthesis, M, C, right parenthesis, total variable cost left parenthesis, T, V, C, right parenthesis, and total fixed cost left parenthesis, T, F, C, right parenthesis.
QM, CT, V, CT, F, C
0--dollar sign, 0dollar sign, 100
1dollar sign, 182dollar sign, 182dollar sign, 100
2dollar sign, 158dollar sign, 340dollar sign, 100
3dollar sign, 152dollar sign, 492dollar sign, 100
4dollar sign, 164dollar sign, 656dollar sign, 100
5dollar sign, 194dollar sign, 850dollar sign, 100
6dollar sign, 242dollar sign, 1092dollar sign, 100
7dollar sign, 308dollar sign, 1400dollar sign, 100
8dollar sign, 392dollar sign, 1792dollar sign, 100
Over what range of quantities does this firm experience increasing marginal product?
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