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Short-run production costs: foundational concepts


The table below contains costs incurred by Fantabulous Enterprises, Inc., but some values are missing.
QuantityVariable costsTotal CostsMarginal costsAverage total costs
0dollar sign, 100
1dollar sign, 279dollar sign, 179dollar sign, 279
2dollar sign, 320dollar sign, 420dollar sign, 141dollar sign, 210
3dollar sign, 447dollar sign, 547dollar sign, 127dollar sign, 182
4dollar sign, 584dollar sign, 137dollar sign, 173
5dollar sign, 755dollar sign, 855dollar sign, 171
6dollar sign, 1084dollar sign, 229dollar sign, 180
7dollar sign, 1295dollar sign, 1395dollar sign, 311dollar sign, 200
What are this firm’s total fixed costs?
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