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Fairy Tales Retold: unit vocabulary

This is a list of a few useful or interesting words you'll find in this unit. You probably know some of them already, while others might be new to you. Take some time to get to know them all before you get started!
Word: adventure
  • Definition: an exciting experience
  • Sample Sentence: The magic carpet took Jamal on an adventure to faraway lands.
Word: certainly
  • Definition: for sure; without a doubt.
  • Sample Sentence: The giant certainly did not want Jack to take the magic goose.
Word: curious
  • Definition: odd, strange
  • Sample Sentence: “What a curious thing!” Jack said when the vine grew all the way to the clouds.
Word: disguise
  • Definition: clothes or other things that you wear so that people will not know who you really are.
  • Sample Sentence: The prince put on a jester disguise so that he could leave the castle without anyone knowing who he was.
Word: distance
  • Definition: the space between two places.
  • Sample Sentence: The dwarf had to travel a long distance to get to the mine.
Word: escape
  • Definition: to get away from a bad place
  • Sample Sentence: Rapunzel was able to escape from the tower by lowering her long hair out the window.
Word: expect
  • Definition: to think that something will happen
  • Sample Sentence: Do you expect the wolf to return before dark?
Word: faithful
  • Definition: loyal, being true
  • Sample Sentence: The faithful elf returned to his home village every year to check on his grandmother.
Word: gentle
  • Definition: kind, tender, soft
  • Sample Sentence: The gentle breeze softly dried Snow White’s tears.
Word: grateful
  • Definition: thankful
  • Sample Sentence: The fox was grateful to find the magic door so that he could get out of the storm.
Word: neither
  • Definition: often used with the word nor, neither shows that two things are both impossible
  • Sample Sentence: Neither the queen nor the king could attend the royal ball because they both had the flu.
Word: polite
  • Definition: good manners
  • Sample Sentence: The polite dwarf covered his nose when he sneezed.
Word: recognize
  • Definition: to know and remember something or someone
  • Sample Sentence: I could recognize the wolf even when he was wearing Granny’s clothes.
Word: several
  • Definition: more than one, but not very many
  • Sample Sentence: The giant tried on several shoes before he found some that fit his big feet.
Word: sly
  • Definition: smart, but in a dishonest way
  • Sample Sentence: The sly alligator ate the Gingerbread man after she tricked him into riding on her back.
Word: wicked
  • Definition: mean, evil
  • Sample Sentence: The wicked stepmother turned her stepson into a snake.

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