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Welcome to the Mysteries of the Past unit!

16th century map showing sailing routes between Africa, Europe, North America, and South America.
A map of English explorer Sir Francis Drake's routes on a voyage to and from the Caribbean in the 1580s, by Italian engraver Giovanni Battista Boazio. Image source: US Library of Congress.
In this unit, we’ll travel back in time to late 16th century North America. This was the period that saw the first major waves of white, European settlers migrating to the continent from countries like England. We’ll focus specifically on the "lost” colony of Roanoke Island; a group of English immigrants who settled in modern-day North Carolina, but then vanished—and their fate is still unknown today.
In this unit, you will:
  • Read informational texts about America’s history
  • Read stories that explore what life was like then
  • Think about what has changed and why those things have changed
  • Watching videos that explain different approaches and strategies for reading
  • Reading and answering questions about literary and informational texts
  • Expanding your academic vocabulary
In order to answer the essential question: Is history ever really lost?

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