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Alexandre Hogue, Crucified Land

Alexandre Hogue, Crucified Land, 1939, oil on canvas, 106 x 152.1 cm (Gilcrease Museum) A conversation between Laura F. Fry, Senior Curator and Curator of Art, Gilcrease Museum and Steven Zucker. A Seeing America video. Created by Smarthistory.

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    why is there a scarecrow in the middle of nowhere
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      1) This is an artist's product. It is not a photograph.
      2) The land around the scarecrow is a cultivated field, and the farmstead is in the background. This is not nowhere.
      3) The artist uses the motif of a crucifixion, from the heart of Christianity, to make a statement about what is happening to the land.

      I believe this is a well executed piece of political art, designed to convey a message about the land and its exploitation in contemporary times.
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