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Taíno duho

Duho (dujo), Tíano, 1200—1500 C.E., stone, Puerto Rico, dimensions not listed (Museo de Arte Puerto Rico)

speakers: Dr. Tamara Díaz Calcaño and Dr. Lauren Kilroy-Ewbank.
Created by Smarthistory.

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    Could the dimensions of the objects be posted? This is a subjective observation, but if I had to put my person into something that is seemingly so low to the ground, I would not consider that as a position of power; I think I would feel quite vulnerable.
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      I'm sure you just answered your own question. being vulnerable around the people you know and/or love is a good thing. they would sit in those Bahos (seats of power) at the plazas were batus (ballgames) or spiritual ceremonies with the bohiques (ritual specialist, and medical professional) they also needed them for easy transport. to take them from the caney (caciques house) (chiefs house) to the plazas, and back. Dimensions of the wooden duho are; height 22 cm length 44 cm width 16.5 cm
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