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Smarthistory has a growing collection of videos and essays that focus on the art of Africa, the Americas, Asia, the Islamic world, and Oceania. We hope to offer syllabi in these areas soon. We are adding content regularly and welcome contributions from scholars in these areas.
Smarthistory is an Open Educational Resource (OER) Smarthistory is an "Open Educational Resource" — a term used to describe freely accessible, openly licensed text, media, and other assets used for teaching, learning, and research.
Smarthistory is more than a textbook Smarthistory is an "open textbook," though we have hundreds of authors (as opposed to a few) and we incorporate both video and text.  Unlike a textbook, we add new content almost every week. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (for emails about new videos) and/or find new content using the "just published" link on our home page.

No barriers to learning

Smarthistory will never have ads on its content, will never ask users to "sign up" or "sign in" for anything, and will always be free to all users. We want to keep the barrier to learning as low as possible.
Instructors use Smarthistory in a variety of ways—in the classroom, as homework, and of course students also find Smarthistory resources independently when they do a google search. Many instructors have replaced the traditional textbook with Smarthistory (often together with other online academic resources).

Other Smarthistory resources

Smarthistory has thousands of high-resolution images you can use for teaching and learning on Flickr (we add new images regularly).
Nearly all Smarthistory pages include a set of curated links and/or a bibliography in a section called "additional resources" (at the bottom of the page).
The syllabi above list links to videos and essays on Smarthistory, and also quizzes that were created by Smarthistory, but which are housed on Khan Academy (all art history content on Khan Academy was created by Smarthistory).
We also support both the A-level curriculum and the AP course.

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