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ACTIVITY: The Life of a Star


You’ll be surprised to find out that you know more than you think about stars. A star passes through many different stages during its life. In this activity, you’ll use your knowledge and intuition to arrange a series of images that describes the life of a star from the beginning through to the end. You'll have a chance to see what you already know about stars before you watch the main talk video for this lesson.
Hubble telescope image known as Pillars of Creation, where stars are forming in the Eagle Nebula. "Eagle nebula pillars". Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons


Download the the Life of a Star worksheet. Look at the photos of the different stages of a star's life in the worksheet. Work quickly to make your best guess. This activity will provide you with an opportunity to start thinking about the star-making process. Don’t worry about getting it 100% correct; you’ll dig into how stars form in more detail soon. As you arrange the images, think about the differences among them and what those differences might indicate about how old the star is.
Once you are finished, check the answer key to see if you are right. Don't worry about getting it right, you’ll dig into how stars form in more detail later in this lesson.

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