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ACTIVITY: This Threshold Today


This Threshold Today activities ask you to make connections between today’s world and the events of each threshold. Remember: Stars are born every day, even today.
"Star-forming region" by ESO. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


The second threshold in this course is the birth of the first stars. Until stars lit up, the Universe was relatively cold and dark. The intense heat and pressure and the energy generated by stars would lead to still more complexity, like planets and even life. This threshold is crossed over and over again, as new stars form continually all over the Universe. Scientists, and all of us, continue to learn more about the formation and the lives of stars.
You can join in this process by searching for news stories about the formation and the life cycles of stars. Use the This Threshold Today Worksheet PDF to record your sources and some of the details about what you discover. Check out Newsela.com for great articles, or look at the Pinterest board Newsela set up on this topic.
Here are some other links to help get you started:

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What was the most interesting article you found? Share the link and what you found so interesting about it in the Questions Area below.

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