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Exercise 4: Storyboards

What is the story of your attraction?

Exercise 4: Storyboards

Activity: Create a simple storyboard for your ride. To start, write up a scene by scene list of your ride using your favorite ideas from the brainstorm.
  • First this happens…. (scene 1)
  • Then this happens… (scene 2)
  • Then this happens… (scene 3)
  • Finally this happens… (scene 4)
Once you have a scene ordering you like you can make simple sketches of each scene and lay them out on a board. Keep in mind you will want to change this many times so don’t focus on making beautiful drawings.

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  • blobby green style avatar for user BR18807
    really you are just creating a comic strip for a ride.
    (14 votes)
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    • duskpin seed style avatar for user kyliebindra
      They would get on the ride. Then the ride would take a wrong turn into the licorice forest. The boat would then get stuck inside of the swamp. Next, the licorice vines would come down, and attack the boat. Lastly, the candies would fight the vines, and the guests in the boat would leave the ride. The end!
      (4 votes)
  • blobby green style avatar for user mattihay000
    1. Get in ride
    2. Ride shows Willy Wonka boat scene for an hour and a half on loop
    3. Get off ride
    4. Cry
    (12 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Laurice Bancroft
    #1 The Emperor's New Groove intro plays,
    #2 Yzma Gets fired,
    #3 the trip into Yzma's lab begins,
    #4 after the ride you end up in Yzma's lab where you can buy trinkets and candies.
    (8 votes)
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    • blobby green style avatar for user ctothezyt
      i would love this. The Emperor's new groove has always been one of my favorite Disney movies. this is my second time doing Imagineering in a box, and my first time I had the same idea. i thought maybe when Kronk pulls the wrong lever, there is a small drop, like the tower of terror. and then you would be lifted back up, Yzma says: "why do we even have that lever?"and then you go through the main roller coaster.
      (3 votes)
  • piceratops seedling style avatar for user Edgar Pérez
    Scene 1. Going through a secret door that takes Guests to Disney’s Villains lair.
    Scene 2. Madame Mim and Facilier labeling bottles and sorting in potions.
    Scene 3. The Evil Queen reads her book of spells while Pain & Panic chants around.
    Scene 4. Yzma and Kronk working on Disney’s Villains files. Lots of movie scenes showing the villain's crimes, jail records, etc
    Scene 5. Guests enter the meeting room where they hear the evil plan to kidnap kids. Maleficent leads the meeting. Lots of villains in the room. Hades noticed Guests spying and the Queen of Hearts yells “off with the head”.
    Scene 6. The ride goes faster and Guests fall down into a cauldron while being chased by the Sanderson Sisters.
    Scene 7. Guests escape safe and unharmed with some help from Thackery Binx who opens a portal back to the real world.
    (6 votes)
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  • female robot grace style avatar for user Phoenix
    Does anybody else ever vote for the bad guy (or girl) in the movies to win? I kinda wish disney would make a movie where the bad guy wins.
    (6 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user grmrsan
    first you get into the ride.
    second you hear an eruption
    third the ride happens and you are sliding through "lava" (red light dyed water)
    finally you slide out the volcano at the end of the ride.
    (6 votes)
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  • aqualine ultimate style avatar for user PrncsTetra
    1. Get in Divine Beast
    2. Explore and Look out window to see around the park
    3. Solve puzzles to get QR code
    4. Scan QR code and get prize
    5. Get off the ride
    6. Explore the town(Gerudo town for Vah Naboris, Rito Village for Vah Medoh, Goron City for Vah Rudania, and Zora Village for Vah Ruta)
    (4 votes)
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  • piceratops ultimate style avatar for user Macman
    1. John hammond tells you how your going to see the park before it opens (Jurassic Park) and that nothing will go wrong (HA!) it starts a nice and peaceful ride....

    2. power shuts off when your right in front of the T-Rex exhibit (typical)
    and you have to make it back to the helicopter before it leaves.

    3. you escape! into the Raptor pen (ugh)

    4. then the T-rex saves you and you get on the helicopter. your free! until Jurassic park two comes out
    (4 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user gabriel.jolin263
    Your told that you need to rescue one of the field researchers from the mountains (Get on ride). (Ride starts slow) You find the researcher, but a huge alien grabs him or her (depending on person) and retreats into the mountains. Then you begin to chase him (Ride fastens). After the alien drops the researcher, it starts to chase you (Go backwards and eventually convert back to forwards. After you escape the alien you return back to the way-point (get off ride). Afterwards you can go to mission control (Gift shop) to "restock" on materials.
    (2 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Jennifer Holder
    #1. You meet a fairy for lunch while you're touring a fairy land.
    #2. A different fairy comes along and tries to convince you that the other fairy is bad.
    #3. The fairy you are meeting for lunch reveals that she is bad and tries to attack you, but the good fairy stops the bad fairy from hurting you.
    #4. As you take the giant thrill fall in your boat (kinda like splash mountain), you see glimpses of them fighting and then wind through dark caverns and continue to see glimpses, then find out that the good fairy won and everyone celebrates!
    (1 vote)
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