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Introduction to attraction design

Introduction to attraction design. Copyright The Walt Disney Company.

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[Music] Carpool day with Margaret! Hey Dawson. Shall we? Let's get to work! [Music] Ugh, commuting. Don't you think we could Imagineer a better way to get to work. [Music] You know, make commuting a little bit more like a ride. Oh yeah, I wish! What would you do to make commuting an attraction? It's gotta be faster. Lot more turns. Little more thrilling. Like Radiator Springs Racers. I'd want it to be gentle and mellow, like the Navi River Journey. What makes a good attraction for you? One where the the thrill and the story line up. Yeah, you have to have context, right? And you can't just have a thrill ride for thrills sake. It has to make sense. Yeah, I mean, that's what I've always loved Big Thunder Mountain. I mean it's a roller coaster, but it's got a story to it. You're in the southwest, you're not just moving fast, you've been blown out of a mineshaft with dynamite. It's just so great to have that thrill, but also have that narrative. When I think about my favorite attractions in Disneyland, they're the ones that are completely inside the building. Because we can take that environment, and make it into anything we want it to be. We can make it into space, going inside a cave. And the best part about it is that we get to go to a totally different world. It's really hard to make a great ride. You're moving people through a completely immersive world, and it needs to move them not only physically, but also emotionally. It's art, it's storytelling, its technology, its engineering, and they all have to come together to create that unforgettable experience. In this lesson, you learn what it takes to design an attraction. How theme and story influence ride design, ride systems, vehicle design, and a whole lot more. And by the end of the lesson, you'll have created an attraction of your very own.