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Introduction to character design

Introduction to our lesson on character design. Copyright The Walt Disney Company.

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Video transcript

[Music] I don’t know, Jake. I still think Pirates of the Caribbean makes a lot more sense than Robots of the Caribbean. Yeah, I think so too Jake. What would you think about Davy Jones? That’s okay. I mean, a good character should make you feel something. Characters are super important in our theme park experience. They bring a land to life. You see them in stage shows, in parades, walking around, puppets, animatronic figures, the parks are full of all sorts. People come to Disney Parks to meet our characters. They are part of what makes a land distinctive and exciting to visit. It takes so many people from so many different disciplines to bring these characters to life. They’re artists, engineers, costume designers, animators, writers, and so many more. What character do you love? It’s not a trip to Disneyland unless I get to meet Buzz Lightyear. For me, it’s Mickey and Minnie. I feel like I’m a kid again when I meet them. So many possibilities. What kind of characters are the most compelling for your land? Who do you want your guests to meet? In the next Imagineering in a Box lesson, you’re gonna learn what it takes to bring Disney characters to life in our parks and even get the chance to create a compelling character all your own.