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Congratulations on finishing "The art of storytelling" by Pixar in a Box! Visit the Pixar in a Box course to continue your journey learning about storytelling and computer animation.
Pixar in a Box is a behind-the-scenes look at how Pixar artists do their jobs. The lessons cover a range of topics from color science to animation and character modeling. Through the lessons, you'll use the subjects you learn in school — math, science, computer science, and humanities — to animate bouncing balls, build a swarm of robots, and make virtual fireworks explode. Have fun!

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    I looked at the damp Knife in my hands and felt nervous. I had always hated my Dad's House because strange things have been happening. A couple of years ago, there was a mysterious fire. But it wasn’t a mystery to me. I had just figured out that I was special… that I had powers. My power was water. Now you might be thinking, Now how did you start a fire if you have water powers?
    Well, when I found out, I tried to practice my powers out on a match… I thought, well if I light this match, and I put it out with my powers, nothing bad will happen, right? Wrong. The moment I lit the match and saw the fire I flipped out and threw the match… Which caused the house to catch on fire, killing my mom and siblings… I shuddered at the memory and walked over to the window and reflected on my surroundings. As I was scanning the yard, I saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Charlot. Charlot was a Kind, loving girl and had hair that was flowing around her like flames, with pale skin, and sea-green eyes.
    I gulped. The only time Charlot came was either when something bad was going to happen, or when she needed my help. I glanced down at my own reflection to see if I looked presentable. I was a tall, well-built boy with black hair and dark blue eyes.
    But not even I could guess why Charlot was here. Did she need help slaying dragons? Or did we have another quest to go on?
    As I stepped outside and Charlot came closer, I could see that Charlot was acting nervous.
    “Hello,” I said
    “Hi,” she replied nervously.
    She looked at me very quickly and said, “I… We… I need… come follow me…”
    And without waiting for an answer, she walked away. She led me down a trail I had never seen before. Her pace was quick and smooth like a deer. Distracted I noted, and she did too. Then before I could react, she spun around, put me in a headlock, and shoved a small vile to my lips and forced me to drink it.
    She then backed away, tears in her eyes.
    “What did you do?” I asked my voice hoarse.
    She looked at me and said, “The only thing I had to do… Take away your memory.”
    I looked at her aghast and asked, “But why?”
    “Because. And that's all of an answer you are going to get from me”
    “But Charlot... Why?”
    Charlot gazed at me with the saddest eyes and said,
    “I… I found my mom. I started telling her about you and… she started calling me a disappointment and started saying how I would never be her child and if I… if I truly loved her, I would wipe every memory you have of me.”
    I looked at her stunned. Finally, I said, “Charlot, you don’t want to do this… I know you. You would not just do this to be the best… Just to be number one. You wouldn't just throw it all away just to be your Mom's favorite.”
    She looked at me with fire in her eyes and said, “You don´t know me at all.”
    And then everything went black.
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    I cant understand the story structure
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    I don't understand the story
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    i like turtles ldzb hhuiscphuwhgpcb
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