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Rafael Tufiño, Goyita

Rafael Tufiño, Goyita, 1953, oil on canvas, 65.1 x 41.3 cm (Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, San Juan, Puerto Rico). Speakers: Dr. Tamara Díaz Calcaño and Dr. Lauren Kilroy-Ewbank. Created by Smarthistory.

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  • leafers ultimate style avatar for user Marcos Protheroe
    I remember seeing this painting at the Institute, when I lived in Puerto Rico. The jíbaro or rural tradition is still alive and well in the countryside. The discussion of the history and the post-impressionism of the painting is fantastic. Dr. Díaz Calcaño and Dr. Kilroy-Ewbank do a great job interpreting Goyita.
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  • aqualine tree style avatar for user David Alexander
    That Tufiño was able, in the 1940s, to travel to and spend almost a decade as an art student in Mexico, then return home to establish an artists' group, draws me to wonder if he might have been an upper class Puerto Rican, to be able to afford to do those things.
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