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Using Khan Academy for review

How you can use Khan Academy for review and remediation


In this model, teachers use Khan Academy to assign a bundle of review topics approximately two times per month. Students have the chance to start this assignment bundle in class, but teachers may expect students to complete the assignments partially outside of class.
This is an attractive model for teachers who need to reserve the school computer lab in order to use Khan Academy.

When is Khan Academy used?

During class for an entire period 2-3 times per month. For example, a teacher may use this model every other Friday throughout the school year for a 60-minute class period.

What content is typically assigned:

  • Remediation content
  • On-grade-level content from the past unit
  • Enrichment content

What is the cadence for assignments?

Teacher assigns several resources and exercises once every 1-2 weeks. For example, this may include five videos, two articles, and five exercises. Students have at least one class period to complete the assignments, either in class or in a school computer lab. Students are expected to complete the assignments outside of class by a due date specified by the teacher. Due dates for assignments are typically 1-2 weeks after the assignment is initially posted.

How does a teacher choose the topics to assign?

Teachers identify the topics their students need to review the most and search for aligned content on Khan Academy. Often times, these topics are a mix of content from previous grade levels as well as on-grade level content. For some students, a teacher may assign enrichment content beyond the current unit or grade level to provide an extra challenge.

What does a teacher do with assignment reports?

  • During the in-class review period, teachers browse the exercise report to see if students are showing signs of struggle in a specific skill.
  • During the time period while students are working on assignments, teachers monitor to see if they should offer tutoring or build extra time for in-class review of topics where students are struggling.

Teacher routine

Before lesson

  • Approximately twice a month, the teacher spends 30-45 minutes browsing resources and assigning review material.

During lesson

  • After taking attendance or any other beginning-of-class procedures, teacher takes class to computer lab or has students open devices in class to spend the period practicing their assigned review topics on Khan Academy.
  • Ensure everyone is signed in correctly at start of session. During that time, students work independently to complete their assignments.
  • The teacher may spend time giving small-group instruction to a group of students who the teacher identified for more intensive remediation on that day. Perhaps the teacher has not assigned this small group of students as many review topics on KA during this round to free those students up to spend time with the teacher.
  • The teacher may also monitor the Activity tab. The Activity tab shows time on task for each student and raises steadily throughout the period, reassuring the teacher that students are on task while the teacher is not monitoring their screens.
  • During the last five minutes of class, the teacher does a quick scan of assignment completion and asks students to complete a reflection on their assignments for the day. A prompt might be: which topic did you find most challenging, and what did you do when you were feeling stuck?


  • Teacher monitors assignment results 1-2 times before the assignment due date and may identify a subset of topics where students are especially struggling. This helps determine the content for warm-up problems or after-school tutoring sessions.

When assignment is due

  • Teacher coincides the due date with a mid-unit quiz or unit test to assess the skills practiced on Khan Academy with an assessment designed by the teacher or grade-level team.

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