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3 tips for using Khan Academy videos

Want to learn how teachers are using Khan Academy videos with their students? This is your chance to get advice directly from teachers! Created by Shannon Sallis.

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(lively rhythm music) - So when a student gets stuck on Khan Academy, there is a multitude of resources at their fingertips that they can use to help get them unstuck. Khan Academy provides multiple hints that they can use in that same question that will walk them through a step-by-step process of how to come to the answer that they need. It also provides a link to video content where Sal will walk through the concept in a video, usually the videos are short, within 5 to 10 minutes, and the student can revisit that concept through the video content and come back to the practice assignment. Recently we were in a hybrid schedule where my students were at home for part of the week and only in class with me for two days a week. So we were going over quadratic equations and finding solutions to quadratic equations. And I sent my students a video, looking at what a solution represents on a graph and had them preview what a solution might be before they actually came to class during the week. That allowed them to have some sort of a background information, background knowledge, before we started going over how to find those solutions in class and what those solutions represent. - We use the Big Ideas Advanced 1 program in sixth grade and I tie that into Khan either through supplemental material. This week, for example, I actually had them preface a lesson we were doing, with some Khan videos so that they could get ready for the upcoming lesson. I've also given them chances to go back and look at the lessons that we've already covered. (lively rhythm music) - Another way that I use the assignments is part of our guided math instruction. When the students are not working directly with myself, they have a checklist and a rubric that they work on. And one component of every single rubric are Khan Academy videos that are tailored to what they individually need. With my assignments, they vary based on if I'm working with my high flyers, my medium, or my struggling students. However, when I assign something for the rubric, I always assign at least two videos and two corresponding activities. So they're at least watching a minimum of two videos learning or reviewing how to do the concept. And then they're gonna directly practice. (lively rhythm music) - At the beginning of the year I show students where they can see the videos, how the videos are reachable even though I don't assign them. So students know where the videos are located at every lesson. - And it's excellent for them to be able to go back and access them at any time, even when they're closed. I've taught the students how to search for topics that they're looking for. So not only topics that I might encourage them to look for, but if they email me with a question, I'm able to then have them search in Khan for videos or practice problems that they would like to utilize. - Students use the videos as an additional help most of the time when they are struggling with the concepts they have. It also frees me up as a teacher so that I can visit small groups and students are still getting instruction. Even within the classroom, they can receive instruction while I'm helping another group. So it may be something that is mandated to them, but many times students will take it upon themselves to use the videos to help with the assignment that they are working on.