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Celebrate class progress with the LearnStorm Tracker

Take motivation and engagement off your to-do list with Khan Academy’s new and improved LearnStorm tracker. The tracker is available year-round and captures a broad range of student activity.

Celebrate class progress with the LearnStorm tracker

LearnStorm is our classroom engagement tool that drives skill mastery AND gets kids dancing — plus, it’s FREE for teachers and students! The LearnStorm tracker provides a fun visualization of the classes’ progress, showing students how their individual efforts contribute to class goals without singling out any individual who is struggling.

How to use LearnStorm?

After working on skills that have been assigned from Mastery-enabled courses, students’ progress will be recorded on the LearnStorm tracker. Students must progress past the Proficient Mastery level in assigned skills in order for their work to be registered on the tracker.
In order to see the combined progress of the class on the tracker, teachers click the LearnStorm tab on the classroom page. Then, by clicking the “Check for progress” button, a colorful animation showing the rings growing will appear.
  • A full ring is completed once the equivalent of 1 Mastery level is achieved per number of students in the class. For example, a class of 26 students will complete a full ring each time the class reaches 26 Mastery level-ups.
  • Only Mastery level-ups past the Proficient level count on the tracker. If needed, here is a reminder about how Khan Academy's Mastery levels work.

Accessing the LearnStorm tracker

Click on any of your classes from the Teacher dashboard on the left sidebar. Once on the class page, click on the LearnStorm tab on the left menu.
Note: If needed, learn how to create a class and add students to your class.

Key things to know about the LearnStorm Tracker

  • A full ring is earned once the equivalent of 1 skill level-up per number of students in the class is achieved. For example, a class of 26 students will complete a full ring each time the class reaches 26 skill level-ups. Note: Only skill level-ups past the Familiar level count on the tracker. If needed, here is a reminder about how Khan Academy's Mastery levels work.
  • There is no limit to how many ring levels classes can earn on the tracker - the more students level up on skills, the more ring levels they unlock!
  • The ring movement and celebratory animation cannot be replayed, so please be prepared to check it in front of students either in person or by sharing your screen remotely.
  • You can choose to clear the rings on the tracker page. It will reset the tracker but not remove any Mastery progress students have achieved in their courses.
Questions? Reach out to our support team.

Top implementation tips from teachers:

  • Find a routine time for students to work on assigned skills weekly. Roughly 15-30 minutes of practice will yield 1-2 skill level-ups per student. Here is an example of how to use LearnStorm for a daily warm-up, and here's an example of how to use LearnStorm for independent practice.
  • Ring Reveal day is always special! As the teacher, you can project the computer screen to a large monitor in front of your class and load the progress tracker with your students watching. This format is the one that makes it possible to watch students joyfully jumping up and down!
  • Set short-term and long-term goals. For example, a short-term goal could be "We are at level 10 now. Can we make it to level 11 today? We need everyone to level up on 1 skill!" A long-term goal could be "can we reach level 50 or 100 in a month?" Be flexible and adjust goals as needed to keep students feeling confident.
  • If you’re looking for more ways to offload the “make class fun” part of the job, consider following the lead of Ms. Cox in Phoenix with rewards like 10 minutes of free time at level 10, a piece of candy at level 15, and a class party at level 20!
  • Other incentives teachers have successfully tested include spirit days, visits to a mystery box of prizes, and a favorite foods party!

Be on the lookout for a special email!!

From September 15, 2023, through October 15, 2023, your classes can qualify to enter exciting raffle prizes for making net new progress on your class LearnStorm tracker! If at least one of your classes levels up 5 new rings or more on the LearnStorm tracker between September 15th and October 15th, you will be automatically entered into our raffles when the Challenge ends.
We’re giving away Khan Academy merch from our shop to 300 top classes who make it to at least rings 2, 6, or 12 rings in 30 days!
Teachers, we’ll contact you for shipping addresses before Halloween.
Those are really all the details! September 15th to October 15th net new rings qualify you for prizes, and we’ll email you if you qualify. Check your inbox for more info.



Q: What has changed from this year to last year?
A: Only Mastery level-ups past the Proficient level count on the tracker this year.
Q: Is there a limit to # of levels reached?
A: There is no limit to how many rings your students can achieve! Keep going after the challenge is over, and see how high it can get before the last day of school! Your students will be so proud of themselves!
Q: What if my students do less or more than is required for a new level to be unlocked?
A: Whether your students have leveled up more or less than required for a new level, the tracker loads based on the actual number of level-ups completed since the last time you checked the tracker. If fewer, then the ring fills up partially and stops. No celebratory animation will appear. If more, then the ring fills up for a new level, followed by celebratory animation, and the next ring continues to fill up either partially or fully, depending on the number of level-ups completed.
Q: Can I replay the ring movement and celebratory animation?
A: Nope, at the time, there is no way to replay, so be sure to wait until all eyes are watching!
Q: How do I show the progress tracker to my students?
A: You should project the computer screen to the large monitor in front of your class and load the progress tracker with your students watching every few days/once a week.


Q: How is LearnStorm different from Khan Academy?
A: It's not! LearnStorm simply visualizes the progress your students are already making when working on anything you've assigned that's mastery-enabled on Khan Academy. During the National Challenge, you can share prize information with your students, claim class and teacher prizes from the Khan team, and share in the joy that is an entire world of students working towards learning goals together!
Q: What will my students work on?
A: Any mastery-enabled content you assign!
Q: How much time per week does participating in LearnStorm require?
A: We recommend setting aside 15-30 minutes a week to drive level-ups. A recent study found that students who spend 30+ minutes on Khan Academy make greater-than-expected learning gains.
Q: How does deleting an assignment from my coach dashboard impact my class progress on LearnStorm?
A: Any work completed before you deleted the assignment will be recorded and will count toward your class progress. However, any work completed AFTER you delete the assignment will no longer count.
Q: What happens if students work on material that I haven't assigned? Will it count in LearnStorm?
A: No, only assigned content work that is mastery-enabled will count towards LearnStorm progress. This ensures students are working at their learning edge and on material that is relevant to your class.
Q: YouTube is blocked for my district. What should I do?
A: Khan Academy’s backup video player will be used automatically to play videos on the website if your district blocks YouTube.

National Fall LearnStorm Challenge

Q: Do I need to enroll to participate in the Challenge?
A: No. Just start using the tracker with your students, or keep using it if you've already started before the Challenge.
Q: Do I need to clear my rings if I've started before the Challenge?
A: No. Just keep growing the tracker. We are counting NEW rings.
Q: Does "level up 2 new rings" mean completing level 2 on the tracker?
A: It depends. If you started using the LearnStorm tracker for your class before a National Challenge, then it means 2 additional rings from the level you have before the Challenge starts. But if you have never used LearnStorm before, then yes, it means completing 2 levels during the 30-day period.
Q: What if I add/drop students midway through the challenge?
A: Your class progress for completed levels in LearnStorm will be saved. For example, say your class completed the 1st level (ring) with 10 students but then added 2 students. Your level 2 assignment target would go up based on those 2 students, but you would NOT lose your level 1 class progress. Classes will never lose levels in LearnStorm.

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