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Next steps
Hello mentors!
Thank you for showing your interest in the Khan For Educators - Mentors course. Your presence here reflects your passion towards ensuring smooth implementation of the Khan Academy program in your schools or regions. We are happy that you are interested in ensuring that teachers in your schools are able to reach out to each student and are equipped to work on reducing learning gaps and enhancing learning.
Unit 1 of the Khan for Educators - Mentors course has given you an overall understanding of Khan Academy, its benefits and the teacher’s journey. To strengthen your understanding, we suggest that you take the following steps -
  • Create your account on Khan Academy as a teacher.
  • Explore the following: (a) Teacher tools and (b) Courses- Videos, Exercises, Articles, quizzes
  • Add a class and a few students to your class.
  • Assign work to your students and check out their progress.
Before you proceed to unit 2 that talks about your role as a mentor, check out the additional materials from the Resources tab of your teacher dashboard.
To complete this course and learn more about your role as a leader, please continue watching the videos. We are looking forward to hearing your incredible stories and hope to learn more from your experiences.
Enjoy the course ahead and get ready to inspire !

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