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Mastery Learning on Khan Academy

What is Mastery Learning?

First proposed by Benjamin Bloom in 1968, mastery learning is an approach that aims to ensure that all students have mastered key concepts before moving on to the next topic. Students who do not achieve mastery of a concept are given additional support in learning. They are asked to review the information and then checked for their comprehension level again.
For Mastery learning to be successful, you need to do the following things: - Identify areas of weakness and strength - Carefully sequence topics so that foundational knowledge is built up - Allow students to work at their own pace - Monitor student progress and provide
Mastery learning is extremely useful for you as a teacher and for your students. - It helps a student to deeply understand each concept before moving ahead. - By using mastery learning, a teacher can work with the students on a previous concept in which they diagnose critical gaps. This way we can build a strong foundation for our students. - Simultaneously, providing constant feedback and support ensures that the student attains mastery!

Mastery Learning in Khan Academy

Khan Academy platform has been designed using the principles of mastery learning. Through the “course mastery feature” Khan Academy supports teachers to help students achieve mastery.
The platform provides you the opportunity - to set and track a long-term learning goal for your students. - to support your students to learn the same material at their own pace. - provide students with continuous feedback through detailed mastery reports of each student available to you. - to track students progress and use this information to challenge, appreciate and motivate your students.
Levels of mastery in Khan Academy - Till the time the students don’t begin work they are at Not attempted level , which means they have 0 points. -As soon as they start practising they reach the “Attempted” level. If the students get less than 70% correct responses they continue to be on ‘Attempted’ and earn no points. - If they get 70% or more correct responses, they earn 50 points and move up to the Familiar level. - To move up to the ‘Proficient’ level, students need to earn 80 points and answer 100% of the questions correctly. - Students attain ‘Mastery’ when they are at Proficient level and have correctly answered questions on this skill. On reaching the mastery level students collect 100 points.

How to assign a Course Mastery Goal on Khan Academy

  • Your first step as always will be to log into Khan Academy as a teacher. When you log in you will land on your teacher dashboard.
  • Then select the class you want to assign the goal to.
  • Under the teacher tools, select the course mastery tab and then click on the ‘Placement’ tab.
  • As you click on the ‘Placement’ tab a blue box that says “Create goal” will appear. If you are working on a mobile you will need to scroll down. Click on this box, you will see that another box that says “ create a course mastery goal ” pops up.
  • Choose the course you want your students to master. Select the course.
  • You have the flexibility to assign the goal to your entire class or select a few students and assign the goal to a subset of students.
  • Once you have selected the course and the students you will select a date on which the goal is due.
Remember mastering a course is a long-term learning goal. The students will work towards the goal throughout the year and so carefully set the date for the end of the academic year.

Student experience

  • After logging in, your students will see the course mastery tab. On clicking the course mastery tab, they can see the goal assigned to them.
  • Ask them to click on the goal. They will reach the course home page, where they can see all the units of the course assigned to them. If they click on any of the units they can see the lessons with different videos, reading articles, and practice exercises.
  • Do remember to share the mastery levels and the point system with your students.
  • Encourage them to use hints to level up and keep an eye on their mastery points.-You must aim to get your students hooked on collecting mastery points so that learning becomes fun for them.
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