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Using KA reports to personalize learning

Using KA reports to personalize learning

How will you monitor student progress?

KA progress reports in terms of bar graphs give you a clear picture at a glance about the progress in course mastery of your whole class and also of individual students. In order to use KA reports for personalized learning, you must first understand how to access those reports and how to read through those reports.

Accessing students’ progress report

You need to go through the following steps to access the progress reports
  • On your teacher dashboard select the class to view their progress report.
  • Next, click on the course mastery option.
  • Under this, you will see two tabs - Placement and Progress. Click on the ‘Progress’ tab.
  • Here you find the report, which says- ‘Course mastery progress’.
  • On the rightmost top corner, there is a tab- ‘Hide students’. - You can click on this in case you wish to view only the report for the whole class.

Understanding the Mastery Reports

Progress reports show the percentage of mastery completion at both the course and the unit levels. If you want to see the progress of any particular class of yours, this is what you will see -
  • On top, the first section shows you the percentage of progress made by individual students. You can see the names of all your students against the percentage of progress they have made
  • Below this section is ‘ % course mastery’. Here you will see that progress for the whole class is grouped in different percentage brackets, represented as bar graphs. The percentage bars tell you how many students are at what level of mastery.
  • As you scroll down, you will find the overall progress in all the units from the course.
  • To see the progress in any one unit, click on that particular unit. You will see the progress made by students in that individual unit. Here also, the progress is grouped in percentage brackets.
  • You can also view the median progress for the whole course and individual units.

Action steps based on course mastery progress reports

Once you read the reports, you will need to take appropriate actions based on the reports. One glance at the report will tell you which of your students are finding a particular unit difficult and which of them are attempting and gaining proficiency. There are three action steps you can take, based on course mastery reports.
  • First is creating various learning groups: On the basis of the progress, you can make two kinds of groups.
i. Homogeneous groups - Make groups of students on the basis of the common topics or skills they have not understood. The groups can then be assigned topics based on their progress percentage in particular units or skills.
ii. Heterogeneous groups - You could also make groups that include a few proficient students and others who are struggling with a skill or unit.
  • Second is identifying the topics that need clarification or reinforcement: At times, you find that students are attempting but not making progress in any specific skill, then you need to explain the concept again to the group. You may observe on certain occasions that almost 80 % of your class is struggling with a particular skill. In such a scenario, you need to re-teach the concept again to the whole class.
  • Third is acknowledging efforts made by your students: You must check the activity overview report for the last 7 days. This will give you an idea on whether your students have leveled up in skills in the past week. Recognise and appreciate the efforts of students who have met their learning goals.You may award Khan Academy’s certificates to students who meet goals.
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