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Engaging students in learning

Engaging students in learning

Engaging students in learning

The content on Khan Academy is designed to be engaging for students. However, teachers can make conscious efforts to engage students with the strategies given below.

1. Teacher & Student collaboration

Spend some time working with students to set measurable, achievable goals—both long and short-term. Encourage students to be part of the goal-setting process by working with their teacher to set high goals that still feel achievable. One key to supporting students' goal-setting skills is to explain how achieving each smaller goal is a step towards reaching the greater goal of mastery.
Some teachers encourage students to focus on unit mastery, while others prefer to focus on skill mastery in service of mastering an entire course. You and your students can easily track this information on Khan Academy (goal-setting templates available here). Be sure to include space for students to reflect on their progress, which can stimulate further reflective discussion with their teacher. (Check out this article for more on setting goals and monitoring progress.)

2. Incorporate peer learning

  • In order for us to be able to create an effective learning environment we must ensure that our students work collaboratively, not competitively. Find ways for students to work together toward common goals and support each other in making progress.
  • Empower your students to take ownership of their learning while removing progress tracking from your plate. Student data tracking not only saves you time but also allows students to see the connection between their efforts and their growth. With Khan Academy’s new student data trackers, your students can monitor their performance on the skills they are practicing through assignments and course mastery goals.
  • Make buddy groups or group leaders who can support other students. Additionally, it gives students a chance to showcase their leadership abilities.
  • Provide opportunities to students to discuss, evaluate, explain and present solutions, concepts or topics.
  • Provide problem solving opportunities in case of any challenges.

3. Use of refresher and ice breaker activities during teaching to make learning fun

All of you, as teachers, know that the most difficult task in any period is to get the class started and hold the student's attention and get them engaged for a class. Khan Academy has now come up with a simple tool for you to open the class in a fun way and get the kids excited about the learning ahead.
Refresh is a collection of 5-minute classroom activities that provides a breath of fresh air, and helps students arrive on time, ready to go (online or face to face).
  • Use these prompts as a warm-up before Khan class starts.
  • You can use these prompts in any setting online or face to face.
  • For teachers who are conducting online classes right now, Refresh will be a great tool to get students to attend.
  • Make sure you start your class with these activities. You can start the class with these activities or close the class on a high note. You can also start your day with students by doing a quick Refresh activity to energize them.
Refresh prompts provide you with an opportunity to strengthen relationships, by having students select the daily prompt with you, lead the discussion or activity, and share their responses with each other.

How to use these activities in the classroom?

If you are in a classroom set up, you can project the Refresh page and read the prompts to them or if you are in an online setup, you can share your screen so all the students can see the prompts while you read it out to them.
If you’re looking for an easy way to recognize their achievements, use these student certificates—they’re shareable both digitally and in print!
Give the certificates for the funniest/ most creative/ best effort etc. Capture the fun moments with your class in a video or pics. Don’t forget to share it with us. We would love to showcase your stories and fun moments on our social media.

Where can you find the icebreakers?

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