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How to use NWEA MAP Recommended Practice

A guide to using Khan Academy's MAP Recommended Practice tool to provide personalized practice for students. 

What is MAP Recommended Practice?

Khan Academy’s MAP Recommended Practice allows teachers to enter their students’ NWEA MAP Growth test scores to generate a customized playlist of math skills. Students can also enter their own scores.
Check it out at khanacademy.org/mappers

Who should use MAP Recommended Practice?

Teachers who administer the NWEA MAP Growth test for math.

Do I need a Khan Academy account to use this?

Yes. In order to input your students’ scores and monitor their progress on their recommended playlists, you will need to create an account, create a class, and add your students to your class. You can find more information about this process in our MAP Recommended Practice instructions.

How do I get started?

Try MAP Recommended Practice with your students.
More questions? Check out these instructions on class setup or view the full FAQ guide.

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