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Mastery challenges in Course mastery - 2020

What are Mastery challenges?

Mastery challenges are a way for students to review and practice previous-learned skills in a course. They also provide another way, beyond Unit tests and Course challenges, for students to level up or down in currently Proficient skills.

Why Mastery challenges?

Mastery challenges highlight opportunities for students to engage in personalized, spaced repetition of the skills students have already started practicing. Research shows that spiraling skills over time and across lessons is a key component to minimizing student learning loss and improving knowledge retention.

Where can students find Mastery challenges?

Mastery challenges aren’t always available to students; they are unlocked when a student meets the following conditions:
  • They have reached the Familiar level for at least 3 skills in the given course,
  • They have reached the Proficient level for at least 1 skill in the given course, and
  • It’s been 12 hours or more since they last started a Mastery challenge (or they have never started one).
Once unlocked, Mastery challenges are found on the main Course page of mastery-enabled courses.
Note: Mastery challenges are currently only available in Math courses.
Mastery challenges are available on the Khan Academy mobile app as well! Be sure to update to version 7.02 on Android and iOS.

What type of questions will students see?

Mastery challenges always consist of 6 questions that review 3 skills. Mastery challenges are personalized to each student, reviewing skills that the student has worked on across the entire course.
Mastery challenges review 3 skills in each challenge, devoting 2 questions to each skill:
  • If a student answers both questions correctly, they level up in that skill.
  • If a student answers both questions incorrectly, they level down in that skill
  • If a student answers 1 question correctly and 1 question incorrectly, their level remains the same for that skill.
Mastery challenge questions are randomized, so students won't necessarily answer questions for each skill consecutively.

How long do students have to complete a Mastery challenge?

Students don't have to complete a Mastery challenge in one sitting; once started, students have 12 hours to complete a Mastery challenge, or the challenge will reset with updated skills based on a re-evaluation of student progress. Students also can only complete one Mastery challenge per course per 12-hour period.

How can teachers view students progress on Mastery challenges?

As a teacher, you can view a student’s work on a Mastery challenge by viewing the individual student report.
The activity will display as a Mastery challenge in the activity column. As with other activities, you will be able to see the date the student completed the Mastery challenge, levels and level changes for the skills assessed, the correct/total problems and time spent.

Can I assign Mastery challenges to my students?

No, Mastery challenges are not assignable to students. Each Mastery challenge is specifically curated to meet the individual student’s needs based on their current skill levels and time since their last activity with the given skills.

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