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Additional programming projects

We have 10 projects in our Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation curriculum, where each project is an opportunity for students to be more creative and free-form with their newfound programming knowledge. They're also a great excuse to introduce more interactive elements to a classroom, like discussion, pair programming, joint brainstorming, etc.
Many programming teachers also inject their own projects into the curriculum at opportune points, to give students even more opportunities for interaction and practice. When we discover new projects like that, we will list them here.
  • Higher/lower project: A short project where students play the higher/lower game, learn the concept of "binary search", and try to implement the code themselves.
  • Hangman project: A longer project, where students build up a game of hangman, thinking through the logic for word checking, win/lose states, and finally discuss "AI".
  • Craps project: A shorter project, where students must use if statements and loops to play Craps.
  • Make a music video: A longer project involving writing, storyboarding, singing, and A/V compositing.
If you want to suggest any projects based on what you've done in the classroom, please share them in the discussion below. Thank you!

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