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Programming classroom handouts

In our experience with teaching Intro to JS with ProcessingJS, we've found it handy to have the following handouts printed out, particularly for the first day. Follow the links to print out the PDFs.
  • Graph paper: A sheet with two 400*400 grids, for students to sketch their drawings on before transferring the numbers to code. That was inspired by a Programming teacher in the Los Altos School District, who starts off her students with an exercise where they turn code into a drawing on graph paper, before they even know what code is. This is particularly useful for projects like the Design an Animal project.
  • Cheat sheet: A one-pager with our documentation - it's literally our documentation in paper form. I encourage students to use the online documentation ultimately, but some students find it handy to have a physical paper to look at when they're starting to learn, so that they don't have to scroll their code off screen.

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