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Tracking progress of programming students

At Khan Academy, we provide various tools to help teachers support their students' learning journey. Here's an overview of what's available for programming teachers.
Note that in order to take advantage of these tools, you must first sign up as a teacher and have your students sign up as your students.


When you create a class for your students on Khan Academy, make sure to designate "Computer programming" as the course.
Once you've done that, you can assign content from any of the computer programming modules. For example, you might want to assign all of Intro to JS.
Once you've assigned content, you can track completion on the teacher dashboard.


When a student completes a lesson in Intro to JS, they will receive a badge for that lesson. You can see the badges by viewing their profile, clicking "Badges", and then selecting "Challenge Patches".
Once your student has completed all of the coding challenges in Intro to JS, they will receive the final badge.
If you'd like to also give your students a certificate when they complete it, print out this template and fill in their name in the blank space.


Students work on projects as part of the programming course, such as Project: Fish tank, but they also may develop their own projects from scratch. There are two ways to view your student's projects.
When you visit an individual student's profile, you can see their recent projects and click through to see all of their projects.
Projects widget on student profile
We also provide a page for teachers to see all the programs by your students. You can get there by visiting the teacher dashboard for your class and clicking "Projects" in the left-hand sidebar.
On that page, you can filter by project type or subject, and it will display your students' projects with the most recent ones first.

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  • blobby green style avatar for user lsturman
    Hi All. I have an independent study student who would like to teach himself programming using Khan Academy. I want to issue him credits for the work he does. I have already created a class. I just need to "invite" him. A typical course at our school is about 90 hours or 18 weeks for 5 credits. Using that formula, is there any way to determine how many credits to assign to a Khan course such as Intro to JS?
    (5 votes)
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  • piceratops seedling style avatar for user destinyjenkins22
    How do you put programs on youre profile
    (2 votes)
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  • piceratops seedling style avatar for user adrian thomas
    Can I see how long a student stayed on a question
    (3 votes)
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  • aqualine ultimate style avatar for user JaniceHolz
    The peer project evaluation system seems to be breaking, and I think it is related to students using Intro to JS as part of their class curriculum.

    There is a rash of plagiarism on projects that I am sure is related to students who are just trying to get credit for completing the project.
    Is there any way that teachers get a report showing which student projects have been flagged? (What actually happens when a program is flagged for plagiarism? There are several that were flagged by multiple people months ago that are still just sitting there as though everything is fine.)

    Are there reminders to teachers of how easy it is for their students to have unsuspecting evaluators pass plagiarized projects? Maybe if students were afraid of getting a bad grade when they are caught, there would not be so many projects that are just copies. (I spent hours & hours today identifying and tagging plagiarisms. And then some of the students just resubmitted - and some passed.)

    Also, it would be a huge help if teachers penalized students who turned in all their projects for evaluation at the end of the term. Last weekend (end of term?) the queue was often completely full between Thursday and Monday, with 3-5 projects from many users. It would also help if teachers based part of the grade on the students doing some evaluations - but only if the teachers are willing to spot check that the students are doing good evaluations (we don't need more rubber stamps).

    I would be willing to put together lists or resources or ideas, if there were some way I could help stem these problems. It is really frustrating to keep seeing projects in the queue that are copies of existing programs.
    (3 votes)
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  • piceratops seed style avatar for user Pete Stremlow
    I am coaching a student for the Intro to JS course. The student also uses the Math side of KhanAcademy for another course with another teacher. When I view reports of his progress, I only want to see the progress relevant to the JS course (not math). Currently I see his math work, too. How can I change this setting?
    (2 votes)
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  • aqualine ultimate style avatar for user Tyrnon Hill
    How do you evaluate other peoples projects?
    (2 votes)
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  • purple pi purple style avatar for user AGN Jaswa Lab
    im having the students but her profile has not get viewed
    (1 vote)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Ann Marie Dolan
    Where do I get the individual student report for the quiz and test grades. Thank you
    (1 vote)
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  • female robot amelia style avatar for user jtortora
    I have a class that is progressing through "Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation". I would love to showcase my students' work in an online gallery, similar to what is visible to me at https://www.khanacademy.org/coach/programs , but viewable publically. Is this possible? Or can anyone suggest a tool to do this?
    (1 vote)
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  • leaf green style avatar for user Susan Bourenane Teacher
    I have assigned the Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages course to my students. As they complete projects at the end of each unit, I would like to grade them. When I look at their list of projects, there are many projects with the same name.

    Question 1: How can I tell which is the most recent project, so I'm sure that I'm grading the correct one?

    Question 2: Why am I not able to "evaluate" their projects?

    Thank you.
    (1 vote)
    Default Khan Academy avatar avatar for user